We are passionate about providing our wholesale customers with the best quality Certified Organic raw Australian dried fruits, nuts and seeds, as well as Certified Organic Australian-made sauerkrauts, kim chi, fermented vegetables & nut cheeses, as well as kombucha & kvass. We also distribute local Western Australian raw unfiltered honey and bee pollen, as well as Australian dried seaweeds, including kelp and wakame.

Healthy Valley Organics is also the brand name for the freshest Australian-grown Certified Organic activated nuts & seeds available (but we many be a bit biased). We are a Certified Organic Processor with Australian Certified Organic (ACO), and we activate Australian-grown Certified Organic Almonds, Pecans, Sunflower Kernals and Walnuts in-house, with reverse-osmosis filtered water and low temperature drying methods to retain product freshness and nutrient value. Taste the difference!